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Delivering excellence in Early Years, Health and Safety and First Aid

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                      The Training Fox is an Early Years, Health and Safety, and First Aid  training company based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

We are an independent training organisation, delivering Ofqual qualifications regulated by Qualsafe Awards across a range of subject areas as detailed in our course programme section below. We want you to enjoy your training experience as well as gain the knowledge needed to support you in your work role once you have completed your qualification.

We are sure to have a course for you, however should you not see the course you require, please contact Steve using the Contact Us details available at the top of all of our pages and he will endeavour to assist you.

We can come to your venue to train you and your staff team. Alternatively we run some public courses, we can arrange courses at a time to suit you and your schedules.

For more information about what we do visit our About Us page by clicking here.

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the flag of Gloucestershire

Early Years

The Early Years are the most important years of any child's life, here at The Training Fox we have designed our
courses to help the staff working in the Early Years make a difference to the lives of the children that they look after.

As the Early Years Foundation Stage says,

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential.
Children develop quickly in the Early Years and a child’s experiences between birth and age five
have a major impact on their future life chances.

Our Early Years courses are designed to help our learners to aid children in their care to fulfil their potential and are aimed at people who work within the Early Years sector, these include:

                • Childminders,
                • Nursery Nurses,
                • Children Centre Staff,
                • Managers.

We will expand our courses in this portfolio in coming months to meet the needs of the sector.

Our existing course:

Early Years courses COMING SOON:

Observing Children in an Early Years Setting
Learning Through Play - Workshops
For more information on our Early Years courses please visit their dedicated page of our site by clicking here.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety should never be taken lightly.
Each year fire and the effects of fire cause substantial loss of life and extensive damage to property.

Under the Fire Safety Regulations (The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) employers are legally required to provide information, instruction and training to employees about fire precautions in the workplace. Our Fire Safety
courses are Ofqual regulated courses accredited by Qualsafe Awards, and will assist employers to meet their regulatory requirements.

Our Fire Safety courses:

For more information on Fire Safety please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

First Aid

First Aid training is an important skill that can help you make the difference between life and death.

Acting fast in an emergency makes all the difference, our First Aid courses are designed to provide you with the
practical competence as well as knowledge to do the right thing in order to help make a difference to another person's
life when they need it.

We are confident we have a First Aid course for you. Our First Aid courses cover most eventualities and also cover a range of subjects.

Our First Aid courses are taught like all our courses to our FIRST Principles, and we are passionate that fun is had whilst learning what is in essence a Life and Death subject.

Our First Aid courses:

For more information on First Aid please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a subject that gets a bad reputation.

Very often you will hear 'you can't do that because Health and Safety says so'
most of the time however, this is simply not true and an excuse to not do something.

On our courses we aim to clarify myth from fact.
In the UK, there are many Health and Safety laws, however most of this legislation is common sense and
this is the approach to take in keeping everyone safe.

Why not visit our Health and Safety Courses introduction page,
where we have got some health and safety cases, the challenge is to see if you are able to identify the myths and truths.

Our Health and Safety courses will help employers fulfil their legal requirement as well as enhance learners' understanding of Health and Safety issues in the workplace.

Our Health and Safety courses:

For more information on Health and Safety please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

Moving and Handling

Moving and Handling is the main workplace activity that causes back disorders.
With this in mind it is important that we look after our spines and move and lift objects in a safe way.

Our Moving and Handling courses are Ofqual regulated and accredited by Qualsafe Awards.
These courses will provide learners with the understanding of why moving and handling is so important to carry out safe lifting and moving  practices.
Our courses will help learners to look after their backs within their workplaces.

Our Moving and Handling courses:

For more information on Moving and Handling please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.


Safeguarding is a difficult subject matter to attend!

We aim to deliver these courses in a supportive manner, answering your questions, concerns and worries as we go.
We want our learners to leave us fully prepared to safeguard the people in their care.

We currently have 2 safeguarding courses, one of which is certificated by The Training Fox
and the other is Ofqual regulated accredited by Qualsafe Awards.

Our Safeguarding courses are aimed at anyone who has a duty of care to safeguard someone in their work or voluntary role.

The Qualsafe Awards qualification is aimed at not just safeguarding children but adults as well.

Our Safeguarding Children courses:

Safeguarding Children courses COMING SOON:

Introduction to Safeguarding Children (3 Hours)
Advanced Safeguarding Children

For more information on Safeguarding Children please visit our dedicated page by clicking here.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are experienced in their subject area, with experience in the field.

They are fluent in adapting their courses to their audience, they understand the challenges and realities faced in the workplace.

When you combine the practical skills and the in-depth knowledge our trainers have, you have an effective training session, enabling you to return to the workplace ready to make a difference.

Our Awarding Body

We work closely with our Awarding Body, Qualsafe Awards, this collaboration provides our customers and learners with the confidence that they are getting a quality qualification, and provides a clear line for concerns to be shared.

Qualsafe Awards’ team of industry specialists, share their knowledge of leading change in industry and assist us to provide a #PlatinumStandard.

Qualsafe Awards Logo

We are more than happy to come to your site to train your staff. We know that this can represent the most cost-effective solution for staff training.

We try to be as flexible as we can and are more than happy to arrange the course times around

you, whether it’s during the day, evening or weekend.

  However, if you wish to join us on one of our public courses we look forward to welcoming you.

Flexible Training


Bespoke Training

Whilst we are constrained by the regulatory, legal and compliance requirements of the qualification, we are able to go the extra step and customise the course around you and your organisation requirements. We are happy to discuss this with you.

If you do not see the course you require on our course programme, please do not hesitate to contact us, we may be able to arrange this for you.

A Message from our Principal

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hank you for visiting our new and improved website, we hope that you are able to find everything that you are looking for. Should you have any issues locating the information that you need, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Here at The Training Fox we are proud to be flying the County Flag of Gloucestershire, a flag that we feel is not widely enough known even in its, and our, home county of the United Kingdom. The flag is flying proudly at the top of this page, I wonder how many readers know their own county’s flag.

We are committed to providing you with a high-quality service, and are looking forward to working with you to help you meet your legal requirements and support best practice. Please do ask if you do not see on offer what it is that you are looking for, we will endeavour to help. We aim to provide an informative website coinciding with our informative training courses, which is why we introduced our legislation dedicated page, covering all of the legislation our courses fall under. Over the next period we will be adding our own easy to follow guide to these pieces of legislation.

In the meantime, please feel free to explore not only our website, but our social media feeds, Facebook and Twitter, both of which are available for you to access at the top of this page. Alternatively please use the relevant link at the bottom of each of our website pages which will link you directly through to our feed. Feel free to like us and follow us on our social media.

We look forward to welcoming you into The Training Fox family. We will keep you updated on all things ‘Fox’ and will mark noteworthy news stories and special occasions on our website, Facebook and Twitter, so please stay tuned!

Happy Training!!!!

                    The Training Fox believes in our FIRST Principles,

these are unique to us and are designed to help you get the best out of your qualification.

Here we take a look at what the FIRST Principles are:

Our Public Courses:

Additional Public Courses Coming Soon



A fun learning environment makes learning easier.



Being real and training in preparation for the real world.



Continuous learning and improving learning experiences.



If our customers succeed, we succeed.



We, our experts and customers succeed together in achieving

regulatory compliance and best practice.






The Training Fox

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What are The Training Fox’s FIRST Principles?

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