Nursery Rhymes Week

This week is World Nursery Rhyme week, our celebration of the week we dedicate our monthly article to these fun educational resources for children. ... Read More
Baby sleeping

Children and Sleep

We focus on children and their sleep, looking at the recommended sleep hours across all ages, the stages of sleep and how to aid children's sleep ... Read More
Teddy with plasters, ready for children and first aid

Children and First Aid

As we launched a new course programme back in June, we thought we would look at the subject area closely, namely Children and First Aid, and why it's important ... Read More

LGBT Teaching Row

Over recent weeks and months, we have seen demonstrations outside of a primary school in Birmingham against the school teaching about LGBT relationships to the children inside the school. These demonstrations have taken place until recently right outside the school gates and have been described by some as intimidating, for the parents, teachers and the young children themselves. ... Read More