Highfield Awareness of Home Working


With so many people in the workforce now embracing home working, employers must consider the challenges of supporting their home working staff to continue to work safely, just as they would with any employee.

Equally, home workers must take care with their own health and safety. If you’re an employer, hybrid or home working employee then this course is for you.

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The changing workplace

Our Highfield Awareness of Home Working e-Learning course is packed with current information and engaging activities, looking at:

What is home working?
Explore the benefits,

Supporting home workers
What should be considered?

Risk assessments
Understand the risks and hazards involved,

Electrical equipment in the home
Safety tips,

Conditions for home working
The key to working safely and successfully,

Display screen equipment (DSE)
What does it mean?

Employee and employer responsibilities
Who is responsible?

Stress and mental health
Supporting the workforce.

Keeping in touch.

Who is this course for?

Our Highfield Awareness of Home Working e-learning course is suitable for employees of all levels, where an awareness of home working is required.


  • Benefits of home working,
  • What is home working?
  • Supporting home workers,
  • Risk assessments,
  • Risks and hazards of home working,
  • Electrical equipment in the home,
  • Conditions for home working,
  • Display screen equipment (DSE) and the correct use of DSE,
  • Working from home – managing stress and mental health,
  • The importance of appropriate communication,
  • Home working policy,
  • Employer and employee roles and responsibilities.

Typical Course Duration

35 – 50 minutes

Course Assessment and Certification

Our Highfield Awareness of Home Working e-learning course is assessed by multiple-choice questions.


Laptop/Desktop PC

Internet Explorer 11,
Microsoft Edge,
Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.

Apple iMacs/Macbooks

Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome for Tablets,
Android/Windows based tablets,
Google Chrome for Tablets,
Mozilla Firefox,
Microsoft Edge,
Internet Explorer 11.

NOTE: Enabling JavaScript and a stable broadband connection are required.


For technical support with this course, we would advise contacting our partners, Highfield Qualifications:
Tel: 0845 226 0350
Email: support@highfield.co.uk.

For subject support, we would advise that you contact us using our contact details available throughout our website.


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