Highfield Level 3 Food Safety e-learning Course


Food businesses must, by law, ensure that all staff have received the appropriate level of safety and hygiene training commensurate with their role and risk.

Food safety has never been higher on the public’s agenda. UK consumers spend a massive £219 billion a year on food and drink, while the overall sector employs 3.9 million.

Around 95% of inspected businesses score a hygiene rating of three or above. Make sure you’re not one of the 5% who don’t.

This level 3 food safety course meets all legal requirements for supervisors within a food business.

Implementing the knowledge you gain from this food hygiene training programme will improve food safety within your business.

This programme can provide the knowledge required for businesses that aspire to achieve a five-star rating in the national food hygiene rating scheme.

Learners will also be provided with a supporting PDF handbook.

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Our Highfield Level 3 Food Safety E-learning course is ideal for anyone operating in a supervisory role and it provides more advanced knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Although it does not provide a qualification itself, the training meets all legal requirements and offers full compliance for supervisors within the food industry without the need to attend a 3-day course.

Along with its supporting PDF handbook, the e-learning provides the knowledge and understanding required to go on to achieve any level 3 food safety (RQF) qualification, whether in catering, manufacturing or retail, with The Training Fox for a small additional fee.

Who is this course for?

Employees working in a supervisory role, including managers, supervisors and chefs.

It can also be used as part of the on-programme element of the new apprenticeship standards, and can support the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to effectively integrate into the workplace.


  • Introduction to food safety,
  • Microbiology,
  • Contamination hazards and control,
  • Food poisoning,
  • Personal hygiene,
  • Design of food premises and equipment,
  • Cleaning and disinfection,
  • Pest control,
  • HACCP,
  • Control measures,
  • Supervisory management,
  • Food safety legislation and enforcement.

Typical Course Duration

9 – 14 hours

Course Assessment and Certification

The Highfield Food Safety E-learning Course is assessed by multiple-choice questions.

This e-learning course will provide you with a Highfield Certificate of completion, which is downloadable upon successfully finishing the course.


Laptop/Desktop PC

Internet Explorer 11,
Microsoft Edge,
Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.

Apple iMacs/Macbooks

Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome for Tablets,
Android/Windows based tablets,
Google Chrome for Tablets,
Mozilla Firefox,
Microsoft Edge,
Internet Explorer 11.

NOTE: Enabling JavaScript and a stable broadband connection are required.


For technical support with this course, we would advise contacting our partners, Highfield Qualifications:
Tel: 0845 226 0350
Email: support@highfield.co.uk.

For subject support, we would advise that you contact us using our contact details available throughout our website.


EU legislation within a UK context, but is suitable for international businesses that trade with EU and will be subject to the legislation.


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