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Working towards a common goal is vital in establishing a positive company culture and ensuring business objectives are met.

Teams in the workplace take many forms and sizes, but should always be bound by common objectives so that they work together to achieve a successful outcome.

Working as part of a team – along with relationship building and effective communication – is therefore integral to a business’s success.

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Our Highfield Team Working e-learning Course is designed to help your organisation understand the importance of good communication.

Learners on the course will learn what teamwork is, and the different types of team and group personalities. It will equip learners with the tools to build effective relationships, highlight positive and negative characteristics and what motivates a team. Finally, learners will understand the importance of self-analysis, reflection and the importance of feedback that ultimately leads to effective and efficient teamwork.

Who is this course for?

Our Highfield Team Working E-learning Course is ideal for all levels of employee within a business and as part of the induction process for new employees.

The course is also ideal for use as part of the on-programme element of the new apprenticeship standards and can support the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to effectively integrate into the workplace.


  • What is teamwork?
  • Working effectively with colleagues,
  • Establishing good working relationships,
  • Group composition and teamwork,
  • Group personalities,
  • Positive and negative communication characteristics,
  • Active listening,
  • Motivation,
  • Self-analysis,
  • Feedback,
  • Why it is important to handle criticism positively.

Typical Course Duration

20 – 40 minutes

Course Assessment and Certification

The Highfield Team Working E-learning course is assessed by multiple-choice questions.

This e-learning course will provide you with a Highfield Certificate of completion, which is downloadable upon successfully finishing the course.


Laptop/Desktop PC

Internet Explorer 11,
Microsoft Edge,
Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.

Apple iMacs/Macbooks

Google Chrome,
Mozilla Firefox.


Google Chrome for Tablets,
Android/Windows based tablets,
Google Chrome for Tablets,
Mozilla Firefox,
Microsoft Edge,
Internet Explorer 11.

NOTE: Enabling JavaScript and a stable broadband connection are required.


For technical support with this course, we would advise contacting our partners, Highfield Qualifications:
Tel: 0845 226 0350
Email: support@highfield.co.uk.

For subject support, we would advise that you contact us using our contact details available throughout our website.


EU legislation within a UK context, but is suitable for international businesses that trade with EU and will be subject to the legislation.


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