Face-2-Face Courses

Face-2-Face Courses

Our Face-2-Face Course Den has a range of courses and qualifications that are delivered in the classroom environment, with a trainer who can actively answer questions and queries that you may have whilst being taught in your chosen subject. We train all of our Face-2-Face course using our FIRST Principles, and aim to provide you with a course that benefits you and supports you in your knowledge to continue to do your job role and remain compliant.

Below you will see the subject areas that we offer on a Face-2-Face basis, and you can also visit our e-Learning Course Den for information of courses that we offer for you to study at home.

What are your FIRST Principles?

Our First Principles guide all we do across our Course syllabus, there are:

Our Values

The Training Fox believes in the FIRST principles:

A Fun learning environment makes learning easier.

Being real and training in preparation for the real world.

Continuous learning and improving learning experiences.

If our customers succeed, we succeed.

We, our experts, and customers succeed together in achieving regulatory compliance and best practice.

Face-2-Face Course Den

All our courses are taught using our FIRST principles.

Our philosophy revolves around ensuring that you have a fun experience on your course, research has shown that if you learn in a light-hearted way, regardless of subject, the more information that is retained.

No more will you be sat in a training course watching the clock tick round wishing it was home time.

Customer Service

For businesses or organisations to be successful it must be able to provide a service to its customers effectively.

Our Customer Service Course Den is designed to enable staff provide the best possible service to their customers.

Early Years

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most important.

Our Early Years Den is designed to enable staff working with these children to aid children to reach their full potential.

Education and Training

Lifelong learning is as important as the learning that is undertaken in the early years.

Have you got what it takes to educate those who come to you in their lifelong learning pathway?

Fire Safety

Fire kills!

Fire safety should never be taken lightly.
Each year fire and the effects of fire cause substantial loss of life and extensive damage to property.

First Aid

In the first few moments after an injury or start of an illness, the immediate reaction of responders nearby can make all the difference.

Can you make that difference?

Food Safety

Be prepared for food inspections.

When working with food, high standards are important to ensure it is served in a safe way to your customers, you will also need to check your suppliers have supplied it safely to you.

Health & Safety

Health and safety often gets a bad reputation.

Ensuring your workplace is safe, ensures that your employees, customers and visitors remain safe and well.


Preventing the sale of age-restricted products is not just a legal responsibility but also a moral one.

Do you know how to prevent such sales, or want to get your Personal licence?

Mental Health Awareness

Looking after one’s mental health is really important!

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience Mental Health problems each year.

Moving & Handling

Whatever the load, always think ‘spine’.

Moving and handling is one of the biggest contributors to injury in the workplace. Ideally, you should avoid moving a load unless it is absolutely necessary.


Safeguarding the most vulnerable in society must be a high priority!

Young and old we safeguard them all, by being prepared with the signs and symptoms to be aware of, you too can keep them safe.

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