Education and Training

Education and Training Courses

‘Choose a job you love
and you will never have to work a day in your life’

Confucius (551BC)

Education is one of the most important parts of our society. We all go through a period of education, from the moment we are born, entering into more formal education of school, before we decide if to go to college and university or into the working world. In the working world education continues into the roles that we decide to take on.

Our Education and training course den currently contains just the 1 course, which is the foundation of anyone who wish to teach in the adult education sector. Any additional courses that are added to this den will further benefit and complement this initial qualification, and those who wish to commence teaching.

‘The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery’

Mark Van Doren – Professor of English at Columbia University (1920-72)

Education and Training

All our courses are taught using our FIRST principles.

Our philosophy revolves around ensuring that you have a fun experience on your course, research has shown that if you learn in a light-hearted way, regardless of subject, the more information that is retained.

No more will you be sat in a training course watching the clock tick round wishing it was home time.

Our Education and Training Courses

Qualsafe Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF)

Course Aim

Our qualification aim is to benefit Learners by enabling them to attain the knowledge, understanding and skills required to prepare them for teaching in a wide range of contexts.


The Qualsafe Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF) is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification, specifically designed to be an introduction to teaching for those who work or would like to work in the further education and skills sector.

Over a 5-day period, candidates will build an understanding of the specific roles and responsibilities related to planning, delivering and reviewing inclusive training sessions. Topics covered include maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment, ways to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment, assessing learners and providing constructive and developmental feedback.

Successful candidates will leave with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to prepare them for teaching in a wide range of contexts, in environments such as Further Education (FE) Colleges, Local Authorities or independent training.

Who is this course for?

This qualification provides an introduction to teaching for individuals who would like to work or currently work in the further education and skills sector. Learners might include:

  • Individuals not currently teaching or training – achievement of the qualification does not require practice other than microteaching,
  • Individuals currently teaching and training, including those new to the profession – although the qualification does not require practice (see explanation above), opportunities may be made available to observe and provide feedback on a Learners practice,
  • Individuals currently working as Assessors who want to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching.

Course Content Teaching Hours

48 hours

What’s covered?

  • Roles and responsibilities in education and training,
  • Ways to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment,
  • Relationships between teachers and other professionals,
  • Boundaries between the teaching role and other professionals,
  • Points of referral to meet the individual needs of learners,
  • ,Inclusive teaching, including:
    •  Ways to create an inclusive teaching and learning environment,
    • Creating an inclusive teaching and learning plan,
    • Justifying own selection of teaching and learning approaches, resources and assessment methods in relation to individual learner needs,
    • Delivering inclusive teaching and learning to meet individual needs,
    • Evaluating the delivery of inclusive teaching and learning including areas for improvement,
    • Using teaching and learning approaches to meet learner needs,
    • Communicating with learners in a way that meets their needs,
  • Understanding assessment in education and training:
    • Different methods of assessment and how they can be adapted to meet individual learner needs,
    • How to involve learners and others in the assessment process,
    • The role and use of constructive feedback,
    • Record keeping of assessments.


Theory assessment:

3 workbooks which include:

  • 4 x written assignments,
  • 1 x set of written questions,
  • 1 x scenario

Practical assessment:

  •   Microteach.

Course Certification & Renewal

Successful learners will receive a Qualsafe Awards certificate.

Ofqual regulated qualification accredited by Qualsafe Awards

Qualification Cost

Individual cost:
Up to 6 Learners



Group cost:
Group size: 7 to 12 learners


Qualification Number:


Minimum age on first day of training


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